Wednesday, October 15, 2014

These three incentives economic, social, and moral all have different influence's on people such as living in our economics with a low income there will be a lot less incentives for that person rather then for someone who grew up rich an everything handed to them. Mostly in out state of the world now there is a lot more poverty an it brings down family and can bring them to be living on the streets. the struggle is bad to where I think if the world wouldn't be so expensive then it would help out the economics of the country an help ud save money an also help cure an build what is needed in the long run not doing all this war stuff when we have enough war going on in our own streets sometimes. the social is all messed up theses days with all the social networks  sites it makes people less open to meet new people or can even make a kid insecure from a young age if he or she begin st a young young age it can make everything bad for there child in the long run. it can make it a rough life because they'll always be occupied by this with either there computer or even the phone it will consume them.